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UM Missionaries Sent Out To Convert Alabama Methodists To Homosexuality

From Broadway United Methodist Church
For Immediate Release: October 10, 2002
Broadway United Methodist Church to Send Mission Team to Birmingham, Alabama

Chicago, Ill. -- A team from Broadway United Methodist Church is about to embark on a journey of faith, hard work, and commitment to its covenant congregation, Church of the Reconciler in Birmingham, Ala.

A team of at least six people will leave Chicago on Wed., Oct. 30, en route to Birmingham to help COR prepare the Sunday school area in its new building. It's a big step for COR, which has been holding services and running its day-to-day business in a small, storefront location in urban Birmingham.

The team plans to paint Sunday school rooms and furniture. Team members, who'll return to Chicago on Monday, Nov. 4, will take a half-day civil rights tour in Birmingham. They'll also attend Sunday services with their friends at Church of the Reconciler, whose congregation includes many people who are without jobs or homes.

Broadway has chosen to support Church of the Reconciler -- and formed its covenant congregation relationship with their friends there -- because of their shared vision to build congregations that are truly welcoming to all people.

The October Mission trip is just one of many ways Broadway plans to build upon the relationship.

Team members will travel in a van to Birmingham. They have funded a portion of the trip with money out of their own pockets. A team from Broadway also hosted a car wash and bake sale to raise funds for the trip.

Whatever money is left after trip expenses are paid will be left at Church of the Reconciler to help fund their meal program. The Broadway team leader is Cathy Knight. Other members include Jen Pope, Jessica Langston, Jim and Marj Harris, and Heike Eghardt. Pre-trip coordinators are Martha Irvine and Jenn Peterson, who are co-chairs of Broadway's Church and World Concerns committee.

The trip is also being sponsored by Broadway's Religion and Race Committee and Reconciling Ministries Committee.

For More Information Contact: Kathy Martin, Communications Committee Co-Chair, Broadway United Methodist Church Tel: 708/660-0744; e-mail: katmartin67@yahoo.com


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