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Arkansas Confessing Leaders Disassociate From Minister's Complaints Regarding Bishop

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Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 10:07 AM
Subject: Michael Hinton

Dear John,

I have not visited with you in a while. Thanks for the work you do. I know you are not responsible for every opinion on your web site but members of the Confessing Movement of Arkansas were very disturbed by Michael Hinton's letter concerning his appointment and relationship with Bishop Huie. Several of us on the Board have written a letter. Would you place it on the web site?

The Confessing Movement of Arkansas

As members of the Confessing Movement of Arkansas we would like to clarify our relationship with Michael Hinton and Bishop Janice Huie.

We had an opportunity to place Michael Hinton on our Board but chose not to because of his intemperate behavior.

Bishop Janice Huie has been fair and open in her conversations with the Confessing Movement of Arkansas, and has willingly promoted evangelicals in her appointments.

The Confessing Movement regrets any association with Michael Hinton implied by his letter on May 23.

Ben Anderson, John Miles, Paul Strang, Johnny Bell, Carolyn Elias, Joan Ritta, Maudalene Patterson, and Dr. Chris Bounds.

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