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West Ohio Annual Conference Urged To Embrace Homosexuality and Syncretism*

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Date: Monday, June 19, 2000 9:03 PM
Subject: Notes from the West Ohio Annual Conference

A few notes about the West Ohio Annual Conference.

The CCOM presentation included a lively band and singers from - Summit UMC, where gay and lesbians are known to worship, and sang the CCOM report's theme song, "I Believe I Can Fly." Rev. Lois Fortson sculpts during the presentation of women flying which had inspired the program's theme, " I Believe I Can Fly." Three sculptures were displayed on a table.

Harry Knox told of his life as openly gay and being stripped of his ministerial credentials.

Jerry Armelli presented his transformation from a gay lifestyle into the heterosexual lifestyle.

During the credentialing report on Tuesday afternoon, there was a silent display of stoles carried by about 20 people who later paraded out of Hoover Auditorium. These were silent witnesses representing gay and lesbian people who are not allowed to be clergy in the United Methodist Church. A small handout explained the Shower of Stoles and a point of contact for Shower of Stoles, Adding a Stole, and Open Table.

Bishop Judith Craig's keynote sermon Sunday evening, "Cast Those Nets Again," included addressing the widely controversial topic of homosexuality, Bishop Craig said, "I am not suggesting we put aside the continued wrestling, with issues of morality and ethics and sexuality. I am suggesting we fold into those discussions issues that we can embrace in common as we struggle with our disagreements."

"You see, brothers and sisters, I believe many of the issues we argue about are found in shallow water, and thrashing around too much in shallow water just stirs up the mud and leaves things cloudy."

"It is out in the deep waters of trusting Jesus, letting God be the judge, and testing the Gospel possibility that clarity comes in doing what Jesus says..." from the Daily Digest for Sunday and Monday, June 11 and 12, 2000 by Susan Spencer-Smith

Those supporting the gay agenda handed out a love quote from the book of John to those arriving one time along with a peppermint candy attached to the flyer.

Dr. Bishop Peter Storey, former Bishop of the Methodist Church in South Africa, Tuesday morning said, "............We need to be freed from our compulsion to exclude the stranger. We are still looking for more categories of people to exclude"......

Rev. Dr. Bryan Palmer-Smith, Dayton was given an award for fostering worship experience exchanges among United Methodists, Jewish, Baha'I, Hindu, and Muslim traditions.

Monday afternoon of Christian Conversation, small group breakout session, had two items to discuss: homosexuality and abortion as directed by action of the 1999 Annual Conference.

And so it goes.

Leo Scholl

* mixing Christianity with other religions

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