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The Holy Spirit Visits New Mexico Annual Conference

Last week, the New Mexico Annual Conference met and the experience was truly AWESOME! Yes, this was the year to elect delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference for next year. However, the remaining portions of the conference were, generally, inspirational. One year ago, the Annual Conference designated as the SOLE priority that of making disciples for Jesus Christ. That all of the bureaucratic busy work and posturing and "business" was to be intentionally placed in at least second place. That making disciples was to direct ALL aspects of the life of the Church. Well, this was the first year to see if there was action behind those words. HALLELUJAH, there is!!! This was evident not only in the myriad of reports that were presented, but in each of several unplanned personal testimonials offered during several business sessions. Small churches that were on the verge of closing their doors are now building additions to hold the new members now in attendance. Campus ministries that were floundering are now flourishing. The lost have been found.

Additionally, the conference worship committee decided to offer a variety of worship styles (contemporary to traditional). What can I say but that the Lord was indeed in that place and His Holy Spirit permeated the grounds. Our conference speaker was Bishop Fitzgerald (sic) from North Carolina (you folks out there are indeed blessed!). Each message was truly inspirational. At the end of the ordination service our bishop (Alfred Norris)departed from the printed program and offered up an "alter call" for any who felt that they may be called into the ordained ministry. PRAISE THE LORD! TEN individuals went forward.

I hope I have not bored anyone with this message. As I come back down from the mountain (literally and figuratively), I needed to try to describe a little of the experience, even though these words are so woefully inadequate.

For those who are yet to attend your respective sessions of Annual Conference, I would wish you at least a fraction of that which we had last week at ours.


Gary Rayson
Lay Delegate to the New Mexico Annual Conference of the UMC

Gary D. Rayson
Associate Professor
New Mexico State University
Box 30001 MSC 3C
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505) 646-5839
fax: (505) 646-2649

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