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Ex-lesbian Gives Testimony, Liberals Reach Out To Evangelical Fellowship

From: kentittle ken_tittle@bigfoot.com
To: Cal-Pac cal-pac@egroups.com
Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 1:15 AM
Subject: [cal-pac] AC Comments - I

I will step out where Tom declined to tread, and make a few AC comments. As a late arrival (Saturday morning), I guess I missed out on a lot of context, but still there was a remarkable moment for me in the plenary Saturday afternoon. In a point of personal privilege, a delgate read his friend's "story" (the Conference theme -- telling our story). It was a "transforming" story from a woman who had become straight, as she had allowed God more and more into her life after several years in a lesbian relationship, during which characterized herself as having been alienated from God, among others. (I guess she herself had made reference in a previous plenary to her transformation, and this was by way of elaboration.) While it is a remarkable story, I thought as it was read that it contained several phrases and implications that took it beyond the story of her "transformation" -- phrases that, at least in the context of the current debates, had uncomfortably judgmental overtones -- unnecessarily polemical overtones, or so it seemed to me. I squirmed a bit, wondering what might have been the feelings and reactions of our brothers and sisters there who have been advocates for the gay and lesbian cause many of whom are hostile to the notion that homosexuality might ever be something that needs to be transformed or healed, or that ever could be, and many of whom have had many experiences of being judged or harassed or condemned, etc. for their own sexual orientations.

As the Bishop seemed to be searching for the best response, Scott Imler ("our" Cal-Pac Scott Imler, of the impassioned responses) requested the mike and very simply moved the inclusion of the statement in the Conference record. Overwhelmingly approved. Motion carries, God wins, the dialogue goes on. I cannot conceive of a better response, and I have to think it was inspired. Sometimes the hardest part of advocacy and leadership is to know when and how to refrain. Receive from me, Scott, an heartfelt "Attaboy!" Well done.

Ken Tittle,
Mariposa Ministry (in the reborn, not the gay sense of Mariposa) http://www.satcom.net/mariposa

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