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Pro-homosexuality UM Conferences Vote To Use Western Jurisdiction Document To Promote Further Schism


From the Reconciling Ministries Network Annual Conference News Page at: http://www.rmnetwork.org/acres.html (watch this web page for more news).

At its meeting just ended in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference has passed a resolution commending the Western Jurisdiction statement, "We Will Not Be Silent" to each of its local churches "prayerful reflection and thoughtful dialogue." The resolution grew out of two resolutions referring to the statement, one asking for adoption of the statement by the Conference, and the other calling for it to be sent to all churches. Here is the story from Gary Keene, Conference staff for communications: ---- Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Passes Study Resolution ...Legislative action focused on discussion focused on the Western Jurisdiction declaration "We Will Not be Silent," which affirms openness by the church to all persons, regardless of sexual orientation. Carol Dietz, lay-member of reconciling congregation Warren U.M.C. in Denver presented a pair of petitions to adopt the Declaration and distribute the statement to the conference churches. A motion to refer the petition failed on a close vote of 312 to 315. In discussion, one laywoman reported that she was raised a Roman Catholic, and had recently joined the United Methodist Church, and asked for a point of clarification: "Do I understand that you can disagree with parts of the Discipline without going to hell, and still be a practicing Methodist?" The Bishop replied after a good round of laughter, that as Christians and United Methodists, we are called "both to conscience and accountability." After further discussion, the session adopted the following resolution. -- from Gary Keene, Conference Communications staff

"We commend the declaration from the Western Jurisdiction to all the congregations of the Rocky Mountain Conference for prayerful reflection and thoughtful dialogue, led by appointive clergy and lay leaders during 2001-2002. A copy will be mailed to each congregation. Following the discussion, a report confirming the dialogue must be submitted to the Committee on Peace With Justice." -- from the Daily Proceedings

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