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UM Good News Org President Retires, Makes Plea For Donations Amid Economic Woes

 Dear Friends,

From this web page, you will learn of a major change in my life and ministry. After 28 years at the helm of Good News, I have felt it is time for a change of leadership here. Our board appointed a Transition Team last August and you can read hear about their action.

Good News has asked the Rev. Robert (Rob) Renfroe to become the Interim President and Publisher of Good News (part time) and the Rev. Walter Fenton to become the Chief Operating Officer (fulltime).

The dual leadership plan is a very creative approach. I am elated about this visionary recommendation. (Read more about it in the accompanying news article.)

My Personal Concern While I am excited about our new leadership team, I am saddened that our transition is coming amidst a time of such severe financial challenge.  Most non-profits right now are feeling a serious financial crunch, and that includes Good News.

My prayer is for an infusion of gift income to help our new leadership team begin on a strong financial footing.

I would invite you as you read this to consider helping with a Transition Offering gift. How grateful we would be for that. You can make such a gift online by clicking here.

Thanks and God bless you richly.

In Christ,
James V. Heidinger II

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