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California UM Church To Perform Homosexual Marriages For All At Pagan Love Fest

Fanning the Flames of
Sodom and Gomorrah

 Love Celebration: Cal-Pac UMC Pastor Marries Same-Sex Couples

Love Celebration
at the Church in Ocean Park
Sunday, July 6th
10:15 am

On Sunday, July 6th, the Church in Ocean Park will be celebrating Godís sacred gift of love. We will celebrate all couples Ė gay and straight Ė and their commitments to each other. Those who are already married, may renew their vows.

All who want to be married
will have that opportunity as well!
This will be a sacred ceremony!

We invite you to come and experience the mystical within community. Too often, congregations have treated gay and lesbian and transgender people as unworthy.  This is a sin and NOT what Godís love is about!

You are invited to join this community
Whatever your sexual orientation
Whether you are in a committed relationship or not.
Your presence will enhance our community!
Come and experience the
blessings of your own sacred worth!

The Church in Ocean Park, 235 Hill Street, Santa Monica, California 90405 
To receive more info and to reserve your spot, contact:
310-399-1631 (#2)  (RSVP Required by July 3rd !)
Minister:  Rev Janet Gollery McKeithen (UMC)


Source: http://www.rmnetwork.org/Flashnet_show.asp?FlashnetID=167#4
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