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The Fear Factor: Attrition Takes Its Toll
by Wayne M. Mayfield

One of my friends from Sweden sent me a disturbing article from Belgium that didnít surprise me, but disturbed my Christian conscience deeply. The Article, titled "The Rape of Europe," [*1] quoted Van den Boogaard in the Brussels Journal, as echoing the sentiment of the common Anglo-Euro world, "I am not a warrior, but who is. I (we) have not learned to fight for freedom. I am (we are) only good at enjoying it."

In this article, taking into consideration that not only Europe, but most Caucasian nations would rather be slaves than take the possibility of death, is prosperity to the islamization that promises to surrender the whole of the Caucasian world, particularly Europe, to the political and economic control of the Islamic faith. Conversions to pseudo faiths of cross religious belief is alarming. The name Mohammed is more common in some European nations than any other name. It is estimated that 20% of those are cross marriage based.

Most forget that the Yugoslavic conflict brought on by the fall of the wall that had Muslims warring for territory and endorsing the rape of any non - Muslim woman to procreate them into Islamic surrender. At that time, the world was appalled at such a bold abuse of women and the use of such raw tactics.

Yet, creating slaves to the Islamic view in this manner to be regarded and treated as dogs and slaves in the power scheme of their faith seems the only consistent part of the whole issue. Sexual conquest and reward is their greatest hope even as suicide bombers believe they will be sexually overwhelmed by virgins galore. This brings about the obvious question, "Why canít the Islamic community feel vital in a world setting without subservience and terrorist or blatant use of force." Reminds me of a 2 year old kicking their toys when they need to clean up their room, or their actions in regard to the Muslims.

But, on the other side of the issue I wonder why the world is so easily pried out of itís right to be secure as an entity of equal worth. How is it the press always shows the Islamic horror and honors the right for Islamic terror in the slant of their reporting? Or how is it the press seems to believe Jews should be bombed but not the terrorist? In our think tank here where I live, we wonder whose side all these news people are really on. Of course, without blood and terror, news is boring as a job.

Through the demand for rights they wonít give others, the terrorist have made a real impact on the non-terrorist base of the world. But underlying all this is the fear of accountability by the free world, accountability like in WWII, where defeat just was not a part of the equation. No evil of force or inhumanity would be tolerated. My family fought in both wars as did the majority of this generationís forefathers. Are we really proud of their sacrifice or just proud to not be left out of the picture of great men who did the impossible for the cause of freedom. This generation doesnít feel the pain of that that war and weíll be fit to scream if we have to now, donít you know.

So, you wonder why you might have to pay lots of money for gas due to oil prices? Well, every war machine of terror and fear needs leverage and the money to war. Psychologically the terrorist win on this front, hands down. Leverage is a powerful tool against people who refuse to tighten their belt or surrender any drop of pleasure and comfort. Sad, too, is the fact terrorist will live a life of hardship for what they believe and the free world canít surrender one stinking penny for the real deal of freedom. Boy, we sure are falling to the wayside in putting the rubber to the road for what we believe.

Let me give you one of the greatest history lessons of all time. Romeís finances were controlled by Palmyra and four basic family groups. Financially, they had more money than the whole empire! They set the prices for everything every person purchased based on Palmyraís financial need. Romeís taxes were eaten away by the need for excess. Their television, the coliseums, was the center of their world. Their exotic foods were from afar, and the gods forbid they lose those luxuries. When the excess needs were sucking the life out of Rome, and their armies weak, they went to take that power from Palmyra, because how dare the Palmyrans have more pleasure than Rome. Couple this with the war with the Persians and Sapor, the cost to Rome was a lot of money, people, and toys. They believed they were invincible, secure, and a dynasty of no end. The excess eventually made even Rome complacent, and on the battlefield of historical events, they were creamed, wiped out. The Islamic extremist did it then, and their goal is to do so now.

So, your children and grandchildren will be so easy for you to sacrifice to misery instead avoid a fight for their right to be free and make choices? Well, after all, just one well placed nuclear device and the wind can carry destruction throughout the Americas. Remember Chernobyl? The effects were measured around the world, just not enough release of radiation to destroy, that time. If the power giant (America) is dead, the rest of the world will be easy to conquer.

The people of America are considered by the Islamic world to be blind in excess and weak of will. They are aware they have to place a fatal blow of great proportions in America, because they understand history better than we really seem to. Japan was their educator. What will be yours? Stay this course of whining and we will know, let there be no doubt. The terror minded hope you donít care about a future, just about your comfort zone of today. As a matter of fact, they are banking all their resources on it and will break your bank to do it. Of course, during the build up of Nazi Germany, the Americas and the European free world didnít take it seriously either. We bought the conflict hook, line, and sinker. [*2]

I hope and pray this is different, but be warned, God will let us reap what we sow from our choices. That you can bank on. Now, go back and read the article mentioned with seriousness, not just as another information download.

[*1] www.brussellsjournal.com - article created 10/25/06

[*2] I just want to remind the readers that at Iwo Jima, the losses mounted the highest we have ever suffered as a nation. All the Monroe Doctrine political leftovers voiced discontent by discounting the American resolve in the fighting ranks as "lucky, and ill planned victory." It is this resolve, which we share with Israel, that demands our enemies choose not to cripple us, but to destroy us.

Yet, we were fortunate, the enemies we were fighting had some very definitive weaknesses that aided us greatly. Manpower was running low, supplies suffering great attrition, and not enough raw material. There is no lack of manpower in the Muslim ranks. There is not a lack as to fuel supply, and the ability to work with raw reserves; though they do not have a great supply of raw material. This is changing. They are moving into the African interior as a movement to reckon with, and there will be a supply line of raw material soon.

We underestimated our foes in Vietnam. And we werenít ready to finish the job with the final commitment. Since the islamization of Europe, the man power for insurgency is an invasion of the human element where the Europeans sought cheap labor. The problem is, the labor cost is coming in the form of losing power politically and economically. It appears to me that the lap of comfort and excess will extract its price soon.

This success will put us in range of possible missiles from Asia (rising Muslim population in unbelievable proportions) and even southern Europe. Diplomacy in the face of guns pointed at your head means nothing to an enemy with nothing to lose.


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