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The Unstable Society: Issues of Life

by Wayne Mayfield

For a long time I wrestled with the issue of cloning and though I morally felt a wretched knot in my stomach, I errantly let the issue be placed in a passive place within my thought process. By passive, I would hope I properly suggest my inactivity, never letting myself find the time to really face the issue and do whatever I must in a responsible manner. I really believe most of those in authority have largely suppressed making any type of stand whatsoever. Maybe a few mutterings, and maybe, just avoiding controversy. I canít do this any longer.

Abortion was easier to be radical about based on common sense and religious morals. Cloning, though, seems only to be a religious, philosophical issue at first glance. Within the frame work of our social order, with the way states have a certain autonomy, and with the ever present social pressures that press our highest court, cloning is masked in an undercurrent of longer life and more perfect people. And who wouldnít, at some hope, want a better hope of quality longevity. This is the promise cloning tries to give us much the same way genetic altering makes these ideal claims. Was Hitler correct then in seeking a perfect species of man kind?

Do these promises sound rhetorically familiar? It should, for in the wake of Roe v Wade the promise of a healthier, more sound mental species of woman, has flowed the ever promising quality of life. It is almost like a car sales pitch from the most liberal, socially free, part of the social order. More sex is quality lifestyle, or at least sex without responsibility. And as hard as the social order tries, it can not escape consequences. Aids, epidemics and diseases of all kinds, not to mention the economic cost of the politics and health care (just look at medicine costs and the lawsuits that follow) leave us with a higher cost. All to escape life. Very expensive, really.

Religiously it is striking how man believes he can proffer the answers to his ever ending failures with more and more absurd premises that seem to be a promise of over throwing the natural order by manipulating the elements of that natural order. The civilizations that sacrificed children, killed for spiritual power, and promise of a greater quality of life all failed. Of course, waging war against genocide in Iraq while slaughtering life forms at home really seems to be better than the past civilizations, Iím sure. I just donít see how we come to that conclusion.

Religiously and morally we know that civilizations of the past who sought the murdering of people in coliseums, or villages, or for ceremonies, all had laws that allowed them to escape moral culpability. We are slowly doing the same in our nation. As long as a court, a special interest group, minority, or legislative branch makes laws that seem reasonable, who can argue. We arenít responsible, or are we.

Cloning comes to us with this guise of this ever allusive hope of becoming more like God, while escaping the responsibility God has taken for the creative order and mankind at the cross. Then when all hell breaks lose from our continued failures, we sure scream foul to the heavenly powers. Despite that thought, cloning is another form of manipulating, like genetic altering, and manipulation always brings something we really donít want. If it hasnít failed so far to be that way, isnít it sort of an addictive behavior pattern to "keep repeating patterns that are detrimental to our well being and others?"

An analogy I purported to a group once was this: if you go through a darkened doorway and get hit with a two by four, then try it again with the same results, wouldnít doing it a third time seem really stupid. This is the addictive behavior that we exert when we claim these promises of "sliding" beyond responsibility that always seems to fail. Notice the emphasis on always. We might get it in part, but never in the full. Drugs that are supposed to be the answer and are advertised in the media for us seem to be tomorrows failure and lawsuit.

In the same way cloning seems to be following the same path. Proposition 71 in California seemed to be the liberal answer to cloning in the guise of cures without human loss. What has been promised is the fountain of youth and disease eradication. After all, all it will really cost is embryos. The poor can get money for eggs. Everybody wins, right? But as Nigel M. de S. Cameron so aptly wrote in the article "Cloning Still Haunts California," the debacle of over selling cloning has been disastrous. It seems that cloning is destined to become the lab rats of the future, not a cure for diseases. Should please the humane socialites.

While the same voting power that put Californiaís Proposition 71 into play also rejected harvesting eggs while the Governor decided it was a good answer for the poor women of the lower class by rejecting the legislative efforts. Here is the really bizarre part of this to me, how did the legislature that voted in the cloning bill plan on getting the eggs? They realized, perhaps, in their effort to exercise control, they may have opened a can of worms. Wait till some liberal decides the poor should be human farms for the poor to be a vital part of the social order. Just like abortion, once the ball starts rolling, when people just get tired of hearing about it all the time, we are probably stuck with cloning for better or worse.

The cost of the court conflicts have already cost enough to help the needy without having to sell eggs like human manufacturing machines, or human farms. Think what 6 Billion dollars would have done in the face of the hurricanes. There is a price for trying to attain the unattainable. Somebody pays. Somebody will lose. It may be slowly, but it will come none the less. Human ego has convinced the gullible human perfection will come to us if only we manipulate the human creature itself.

Seems to me that the smarter we pretend to be, the worse off we are. Iím not suggesting science should not be investigative, just realistic. If the wrong barrier is crossed, we all pay. Cloning is just another manipulative issue established in lies. If you have to lie, it is probably very wrong. The quality of life rests in all of us. We can live happy, fulfilled, good lives that is supportive of the right things in life. That is Pro-Choice really, choosing a way of life that adds quality to living life. It is a life issue on all issues, in every phase, in every social order from past to future, and for us today. Abortion canít do that. Cloning canít do that. Manipulation and lying wonít do that. It an issue of life; what is your definition of quality life, quality lifestyle, and quality life choice?

What am I doing about the cloning and abortion issues? Making choices based on the quality of being human with the ability to live life on lifeís terms while helping others to do the same. And I donít have to lie to do it. And I donít have to shut up about the lies either. What about you, the Christian, is that you too? What quality are you chasing today? What about your church? What is your "life issue?"


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