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Evangelical/Wesleyan UMC form New Wesley Society

The following is submitted for your observations, critique, and consideration. I have tried to assimilate diverse thoughts and feelings. These statements are not final. They are just a "working draft" They still stand to be added to, deleted or not accepted in Nashville.

The purpose of the Wesley Society

It has been difficult for those of the Wesleyan/Evangelical perspective within the United Methodist Church to locate a clear Wesleyan focus around which to unite. We have witnessed the exodus of many faithful United Methodist clergy and laity who believed they were alone in their quest for scriptural faithfulness. Still others have remained faithful within the mainstream of the theological quagmire of our beloved Church yet they see themselves without identity and disjointed from one another.

  1. The Wesley Society is a movement that seeks solidarity of all who profess traditional Evangelical/Wesleyan thought and practice within the United Methodist Church.

  2. The Society does not declare itself to be another renewal group among many within the United Methodist Church. We desire to create a Christ Centered fellowship designed to network like-minded clergy and laity in order to produce a concerted faithful witness of Scriptural Christianity within and without our beloved Church.

  3. In faithfulness to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and in the spirit of Wesley’s practical divinity, we commit ourselves to the prophetic witness of love, justice, and grace which is the spiritual fruit of Word and Sacrament.

  4. We are committed to identifying in a theological format the essentials of the Wesleyan United Methodist emphases of the Christian faith.

  5. It is our desire that all renewal groups, while each maintains their unique mission, help formulate and unite under the same said principles of a Wesleyan/Evangelical United Methodist ethos.

  6. It is our intent to provide a support, structure, and fellowship for those Wesleyan/Evangelicals who find themselves disenfranchised by a system plagued with theological disharmony.

  7. The Wesley Society does not desire nor is promoting intentional schism within the said United Methodist Church. We believe extremes in theological pluralism is presently achieving that mean. We call all those who declare themselves to be United Methodists to remain faithful to the preaching of Scriptural Christianity as expressed within the Articles of Religion, the Confession of Faith, The Sermons of John Wesley and his Notes on the New Testament, and Creedal affirmations as taught by the Fathers of the Church, and affirmed by the early ecumenical councils of the historic faith.

  8. It is neither our prayer nor desire that schism happen within the Church of our faith, but in the event that it does, we desire to have a structure in place to accommodate separation.

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