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"Bishop Susan of Troy" (Beware the Big Horse)

by Tom Graffagnino

Bishop Susan of Troy's,
Being used to destroy
The walls of the City of God.
Wiccan rites she's condoned...
Won't deny being "croned",
And her concept of marriage is odd.

It's a trick...It's a ploy,
And Susan of Troy,
Helped open the Gate for this Fraud.
"Beware Greeks bearing gifts".....
   (and 'thealogical' shifts)
Meet the "Goddess" and friend....
The "Horned God".

The Big Horse was rolled in...
Let the cancer begin!
Now the Goddess stands inside the Gate.
She's a real gender blender,
To God's throne a pretender.
Don't look now, but the hour is late.

The new "bridegroom" she's serving,
For most is unnerving....
He's a She....or maybe an "It".
While the genders are blending,
The message she's sending,
Has us all sliding down to the Pit.

The good Bishop, I'm told,
Was sworn to uphold,
Church Discipline and the Good Book.
But, alas, she now stands,
In deep shifting sands;
She's abandoned the vows she once took.

You see, vows are for breaking,
Church Laws for forsaking....
And now, we've been taken for fools,
'Cause the "Goddess" has said,
    "God the Father is dead.
      Now I'M the One makin' rules."

There's no more "Father God".
That's sexist...That's odd,
Detrimental to one's Self-esteem.
So "he's" been switched around,
Re-imagined and found,
To be the Amazon Goddess of Dreams.

Lord, Your Word's being plundered,
And I've often wondered,
How much more of our garbage You'll stand?
Dear Lord, hear our sighs,
As we look to the skies.
Come back soon, Jesus...
Reclaim Your  land.


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