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by Tom Graffagnino

A response to News Article: Like Shining Shoes, Christ Is Not The Only Way To Salvation Says UM Bishop

The Good Cobbler, I'm told,
Must begin with the sole.
He'll replace it with something brand new.
Before shining can start,
He must start at the heart,
Where the leather that COUNTS,
Is worn through.

Now it's well-understood,
All shoes are "basically good".
All they need is a buff and a shine.
Step right up...
Have a seat.
Take a load off your feet.
Matthew 28?....Never mind.

We've been given this clearance,
To "push" surface appearance...
...The 'sheen' is the 'thing',
Don't you see?....
All faiths are the same,
In this shoe-shinin' game
Of 'religion'....I hope you'll agree.

In fact, 'faith' IS adherance,
To surface appearance.
Hence we can ignore what's below!
And that's not a small feat,
'Cause where feet meet the street,
Is the heart of the problem,
You know?

So ignore all those soles.
They just "seem" worn with holes.
All that's needed is really 'high gloss'.
I've got tricks to confide,
That will flatter the Pride.
There's no need, friend, to carry that Cross.

So , come on, you guys,
Please don't proselytize,
In the name of Jesus our Lord.
You can come and 'be nice',
But that should suffice....
You may 'polish',
But don't use the Sword.

A cobbler?....
Not needed.
You see, the 'Shine's" superceded,
The need for a' Doctor of Soles'.
Why, on further reflection,
There's even greater defection:
We don't even believe in those 'holes'!

Holes in soles are a fable,
For men weak and unstable,
Like that notion.....'Original Sin'.
The holes simply aren't their...
....Disappeared in thin air!
What you need's a good buffing, my friend!

Now we've heard this advice...
(It's called the "Gospel of Nice")...
Your Commission, Lord's, being demolished.
Forgive us we pray,
For this lukewarm display.
This...our gospel of 'works' well-polished.

So with his rag just 'a-snappin'',
We're caught again nappin'.
(It's not like we haven't been warned!)
There is one who suggests,
That his spit-shine is best.
But his spit's from the pit
Where God's scorned.

Lord, this shoe-shining ploy,
We so often enjoy,
Is now doctrine we've come to believe.
But it's a docrinal 'sting',
From the "Spit-Shinin' King",
Who first polished that apple for Eve.

Have mercy, sweet Jesus,
As this world tries to squeeze us,
To conform to the "prince of the air".
We've wandered afar.
Come soon Morning Star!
We've fallen again in his snare!

["So because you are lukewarm---neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth...Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.  So be earnest and repent!...
(Rev. 3: 16,19) ]

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