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This Stem-cell Thing (Commentary)

"Horton Heard the Who" (Poem)

Tom Graffagnino

This Stem-cell Thing

Thirty years ago, the United States in a fit of sentimental angst, took a poll, voted and decided that really tiny humans aren't really tiny humans and that women....(in only VERY rare and life-threatening circumstances, of course...wink, wink)....ought to be able to have "safe abortions". Today, that sentimental proposition has evolved and morphed. Today, we see the horror of "partial birth" abortion being culturally sanctioned and approved. We see the condoning of what amounts to virtual "infanticide on demand". Tiny sacrifices.

When sentimentality trumps truth, moral absolutes are quite easily shelved.....And when this happens, one eventually finds oneself sinking into the cultural quagmire of ethical horrors.

And now that the "stem-cell research" program has been given the 'go-ahead' ...(tentative though it may be)...., the "other door" of Pandora's Box is being eased open. Thirty years ago, life was officially redefined in order to soothe our consciences so that we might more fully be able to enjoy "no-consequence sex" (ie., guiltless 'Free Luv'). Today we say it's OK to suck the brains from baby's skull seconds before he/she can be delivered. ..... And so the legacy continues. With the stem-cell researchers clamoring for state money, the 'other door' of Pandora's Box begins to swing open.

(Can you hear the eerily creaking hinges?)

Another step into the quagmire is thus sanctioned. The moral and theological premise (ie., that life begins at conception) has....again....been considered, was found lacking and rejected. The decision has been made. We may create life to destroy life in order to prolong our life. (Emphasis on the "our", of course.)

It's the metaphysical dream come true for the Materialist/Evolutionist. The long-awaited societal affirmation of his religio-philosophical worldview: Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest and Biggest. If It Feels Good, Do It.

Tooth and Claw trumps Truth and Law.

The state-approved and sanctioned "infanticide on demand" path began with a single step....and so, now, here we go again. A parrallel track has been opened. Where, I wonder, will THIS "sentimental" line take us?

On what moral grounds can we say "No! No further!" ? The foundational Moral Rug has, after all, now been pulled away. Eventhough we have only taken a tiny step down the primrose stem-cell path, in so doing we have declared that the journey itself is worthy and moral and justified.

So there you have it. It's official: In order to prolong and enhance OUR lives, we have decided that we may create and destroy the life of another. There's no turning back. From here on consciences only get duller and more calloused.......

Virtual infanticide is to Roe v Wade what Eugenics and Body Part Cloning Farms is to this stem-cell "go-ahead".

These two parallel tracks have now left the station. They stretch out before us.....

"All aboard! " (Do you hear the call?)......Next stops: Convenience, Pleasure, Freedom, Immortality!"


In Dr. Suess's "Horton Hears a Who", the lovable Horton, in agreement with Judeo-Christian scriptural revelation, wisely said, "A person's a person no matter how small." Unfortunately, our society has decided otherwise. (After all, we took a poll....)

We have substituted a vague, undiscriminating, sentimental and Self-centered "compassion" for a clear and discriminating, self-sacrficing love.....And we (and our grandchildren) will pay the penalty.

Dear Lord, forgive us.

Tom Graffagnino Hamilton, Georgia

"A person's a person no matter how small."----Horton

"Let your conscience be your guide."---Jiminy Cricket

"When Pinocchio followed the cricket's advice ("Let your conscience be your guide."), he repented , returned to his Father/Creator, was given a heart of flesh and a real life and was freed from the strings...and consequence of sin. The conscience is God's prophet in the soul."--anonymous

"The fundamental foundation stones for a democracy are consciences." --Peter Kreeft

"Soaring hubris, joined to technical capacity has broken the bonds of moral restraint." --Richard John Neuhaus

"Horton Heard the Who"

The tiny who's of Whoville,
Cry out in their duress,
But Scientists of Natureland,
Ignore the who's distress.

"There ARE no 'tiny who's'", they say....
"Just protoplasmic goo."
"You Horton-ites should have no right
To fight for 'tiny who's'"

"WE'll decide who's who here.
We have our PhD's.
You Horton-ites might THINK you're right,
But we'll bring you to your knees!"

"We're Sov'reign Who's who make the rules.
We're Who's of Darwin's Clan....
And WE'RE the Who's who rule the schools.
Pro-Choice Who's take a stand!

"So, Horton-ites,....Keep Quiet!
We'll tell you what's a who.
Wee who's are 'what's'...
And you're all nuts....
Fundamentally confused."

"Who sez that all life's sacred?
Or when 'who-man' life begins?
REAL who's are just, and just like us,
Define our OWN Who-sins."

"WE answer to no 'Higher Who',
'cause 'Higher Who's' a fraud...
A 'Horton-scheme'....
An evil dream,
Most dangerously odd."

"So, get a clue...those 'tiny who's'
Are NOT real who's at all.
They're blastocysts,
Mere 'fetal nits'....
REAL Who's are big and tall!"

"Reality is plain to see.
WE Who's see thing's most clearly.
You Horton-ists are counterfeits...
Not Who's like us....
Not really."

"Your 'Higher Who's' illusory...
A made-up 'avatar'
Whose 'Moral Rules'
Are Laws for fools....
Who DO you think you are!?"

"We 'Survival of the Fittest' Who's,
Are Nature's Revolution.
Our Tooth and Claw
Trumps truth and law.....
....the just Final Solution."

We're Who-Pretenders every one.
We have Fallen for the Lie.
We're blind to Sin...
(The mess we're in)....
Moral guilt we all deny.

The One who Horton really heard,
Was heard within his soul.
The Conscience hears
The Who of Life,
Who NEVER reads the polls.

"To silence the voice that reminds us of our guilt is always the 'final solution'.....self-exoneratrion is the genius of reason in its bent toward irrationality. There is no limit to which the mind will not stoop for cover when wanting to appear justified." --Ravi Zacharias

"But they did not listen; instead they followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts. They went backward and not forward." -(Jeremiah 7:24)

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature---have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." "For although they knew God, they niether glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools...." (Romans 1:20-22)


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