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FUMC Marietta Receives a Word of Prophecy

A Prophetic Word for First United Methodist Church Marietta, GA

"You have been a faithful people and have stood for truth, even in your denomination amidst varying levels of loyalty to the truth."

"But, my Church, I hold this against you, you lack righteousness in the inner parts."

"Like Gulliver being held in his slumber by numerous strands meant to hold him captive, you have permitted sin by allowing unrighteousnes in your individual lives. Wake up Church! Shake off your slumber and this will be your deciding hour. Do you not know, have you not seen that the whole nation watches you and asks, 'will they stand for God's Word? Will they live righteously or is the truth and God's Way a dead thing of the past?'"

"This is but the beginning of days of testing and purification, do not fail to hear Me and to obey. Know this, not all among you will follow, for some have traded their place in my Kingdom for a form of godliness that denies My power. . . A correctness which is an abomination in my sight!"

"Remove the buckles on your shoes, for those things that were meant to support have become a shackle. Take off your shoes for this is Holy ground."

"Consider your destiny, oh First Church of Marietta, remember your roots. For you did not create your size or might. These are My doing that you might hold the banner of My righteousness and mercy and call a whole people back to their God, for many have become fat and blind, lame and powerless in the things of God. Repent and return to Me and I will cause you to be a house of refuge for the hopeless. Draw near to Me and I will make you a house of prayer and power on behalf of hundreds of thousands."

"Wake up, My people, face and pass the test and I will make you great!"

This message was received by FUMC Marietta, April 25, 1998


FUMC Member Reports

Dear John,

We have an interesting twist on what's going on in Omaha these days. It is no accident that the pastor that is coming to our Youth Camp this year, Pastor Les Beachamp, is a non-denominational, fear of God led, and Holy Spirit fed preacher of the Word of God.

His church has been praying for Marietta FUMC for over a year. He led our Youth Camp last year and many say they experienced revival. The fire of the youth and the adults that attended even managed to last for a month or so after they came home.

His church (and I apologize that I don't know the name of it) was one of the 100+ churches that placed the ad in Omaha's newspaper uplifting the name of Jesus after the Creech verdict.

He has repented before Marietta FUMC and asked for forgiveness for not doing more.

Pastor Les delivered this prophecy at the conclusion of his message at a Youth Camp Kick-Off Banquet on April 25, 1998. His message was a "hard" one. He spoke of "Counterfeit Christians", a message that convicted most of us there. Our pastor wept through the whole message.

At the conclusion of the message, after delivering the prophecy, Pastor Les fell in the floor and wept, for our church, for our leadership, for the church at large.

Needless to say, it was a heart purifying, temple cleansing moment in the life of our church. I am sure that God had the remnant in place that would not only understand the prophecy, but would hear and act on it as well.

Please pray for us as we move forward in these next days. We are mobilizing and strategizing. Not to leave the denomination, but to bring awareness and education to it's members.

I attended a women's conference this week-end here in Marietta. At this conference I met a woman from Mt. Bethel UMC and as we were discussing our home churches and the stand that we have taken, she pointed out a fact to me that I was not aware of. She has been a UM all of her life, growing up in the United Methodist church. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. She told me that she had no knowledge of scripture or of what the Bible actually said about sin until she became an adult and sought it for herself!

So, from what I see we have a two-fold problem of education. Not only do our people have to be redirected from a pure and simple focus on social issues (helping the poor, healing the sick, feeding the hungry) to the Bible and what it says about life, sin, and charity; but we also have to educate our people on what the National Church is about. Maybe they don't see what is going on as evil because they have no ruler by which to measure evil.

John, please continue to pray for us as we move forward. It is our desire to be obedient. To move where God has made a way. Not to bring decension, but to bring knowledge. To help open the spiritual eyes, ears, and hearts of God's people.

God bless you as you continue your work.

In His Service, Ellen Beebe Prayer Coordinator Marietta FUMC Marietta, GA

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