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Mission Society for United Methodists Spends Income on Missions In Latest Statement

(The MSUM is an independent organization and is not a part the United Methodist Church official structure - see website)

Go to Layman's Version if you are not a CPA.

(Layman's Version Provided by John Warrener, MDiv, MBA)

Income and Expense Statement 1997 of the Mission Society for United Methodists

(Provided by MSUM - Report of Independent CPA)

Revenue, gains, and other support




Donated securities and other assets




Investment income


Total revenue, gains, and other support



Program services [missionary support]


Supporting activities

General and administrative


Fund raising


Total expenses


Change in net assets [excess income]


Layman's Version

  • The MSUM received $5,590,471 in income in 1997 (the latest complete report at this time) and after expenses of $5,199,286 ended up with $391,185 in excess income (profit)*.

  • $3,951,815  (71%) of that was spent on Support to Missionaries.  That is 71 cents of every dollar received was spent in the missionary field.

  • $404,213  (7%) was spent on other fundraising. That is for every one dollar spent on fund raising 10 dollars was spent in the missionary field.

  • $843,258  (15%) was spent on administration which means for every one dollar spent for administration five dollars was spent in the missionary field.


wpeA.jpg (10587 bytes)


Missionary Support

Fund Raising


Excess Income





As you can see from the Table above and the Charts below that Missionary Support dominates the financial picture of the MSUM. Administration is far distant second.  Excess Income (profit*) is a small proportion of income coming in last.

wpeC.jpg (9883 bytes)


wpeD.jpg (11317 bytes)

Compare to General Board of Global Missions

* the word profit is used to help the layman who does not normally understand the various descriptions of income in excess of expenses in the ways non-profit organizations are accounted.

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