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Excess Funds Report reaches the Top

This report of excess funds was presented to the General Commission on Finance and Administration. Their counsel is also the chief council for The United Methodist Church, and the originator of the report presented to GCF&A did hear from GCF&A's counsel. None of the facts and financial data were disputed.

It seems the counsel suggested that this report was biased in that it only presented selected data, and did not represent how much money was spent on missions and other ministries. One pastor involved with the report commented, "No one would deny that money is spent on missions and other ministries. The difficulty I had with the facts gleaned from this report was that so much more could have been spent, throughout the years, if the various divisions were not storing up assets. That makes no sense to me what-so-ever."

1994 and 1995 Reports of the Treasurer of the Women's Division contains information therein which is shocking. They have even contributed several thousands of dollars as "pro bono" supporters of the organization which has sued the National Endowment for the Arts, because the endowment, at the urging of the more conservative 1994 congress, began requesting that the beneficiaries of NEA money be art which is within standards acceptable to most citizens of this country. One of the persons suing was the woman who covered herself in chocolate and invited members of the audience to lick it from her body. How can anyone claim this is art? Do you think UMW money should be spent on protecting this woman and her cronies? For more complete Women's Division information I recommend you contact Faye Short at RENEW, 706-778-4812. RENEW was started by Good News and is the network for Evangelical women in The United Methodist Church.

  • The 1996 Report of the Treasurer of The United Methodist Church is available to anyone willing to write to New York, or contact them. I believe there is a fee for receiving a copy of the is quite voluminous, I understand.
  • The 1997 Treasurer's Report is now be available.
  • You may call the Service Center of the General Board of Global Ministries; 800-305-9857
  • The General Council on Finance and Administration can be reached at 847-869-3345
  • you could also send a FAX to 847-869-6972.

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