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The New Offering on the Altar of Science - Pedophilia!

by Carson Daniel Lauffer

Is the next step in Process Theology the celebration of Pedophilia?

Process theology, which is simply a flawed philosophy, has led us to the point at which we now generally adhere to beliefs that are contradictory to our stated theological positions. A "Process" theologian can with a straight face now proclaim his or her allegiance to every statement in our Articles of Religion, Book of Discipline, or even Holy Writ but can at the same time teach a contrary position.

This is how the acceptance of homosexual practice has gained such a wide following in the United Methodist Church among both clergy and laity within just the last few years. Based upon recent developments that parallel the tactics used by the various homosexual political caucuses will in a few years be "fighting" for the social justice rights of those who participate as adults in Pedophilia?

It is not only a possibility it is a probability.

In a recent study published in the American Psychiatric Association's Journal, "Psychological Bulletin" (July, 1998) "researchers" Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman state that Pedophilia may only be abuse if the child feels bad about the relationship. This is the same tactic used by the homosexual lobbyists three decades ago to gain their acceptance.

Since the homosexual agenda has pretty much become the agenda of our leadership through their advocacy or their silence, the arguments for those who agitate for the acceptance of Pedophilia will find their way much easier. Will some of our pastors and church leaders be advocating their position within the next three or four years? Are some already advocating this position? We shall see.

The below URL points to an article which develops this more fully.

Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer, Pastor

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