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Sample Complaint Form for Mass Lesbian Wedding

Sample Complaint

Bishops of the UMC

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Sample Complaint

Dear Bishop/District Superintendent [fill in name]:

Pursuant to paragraph 358, I am writing to file a formal complaint against [name of pastor]. The pertinent facts are as follows:

1) The General Conference, meeting in Denver, added the following language to the Book of Discipline: 'Ceremonies celebrating homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers nor conducted in our buildings' (par. 65c)

2) The Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church, in August of 1998, affirmed that the prohibition on our clergy conducting homosexual covenant services is positive church law and that clergy involved in such services are liable to the charge of "disobedience to the order and discipline of The United Methodist Church";

3) Further, the Judicial Council. meeting in November of 1998, affirmed that this prohibition against clergy officiating at homosexual union services fully conforms with the Constitution of The United Methodist Church;

4) Rev. [name of pastor named above], on Saturday, January 16, 1999, the Sacramento Convention Center, participated in the leadership of a homosexual covenant service between Ellie Charlton and Jeanne Barnett.

5) Therefore, I am filing this formal complaint against Rev [name] for disobedience to the Order and Discipline of The United Methodist Church (par. 2624e).

I trust that the provisions for complaint procedures detailed in The Book of Discipline will be followed and await word of the outcome of the initial supervisory meeting with Rev. [name].

Yours Sincerely,

[Name of Sender]
Member, [
UMC Church Name for Laity or Annual Conference for Clergy]


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