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Epistemic Confirmation by Lee Gosset

Debbie and I [debbieandi@home.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 3:00 PM 
To: John Warrener 
Subject: Pastor John/The Epistemic Confirmation Letter

Dear John:

Once again I wish to take an opportunity to thank you for posting my letter on your internet site. I cannot express how grateful I truly am, nor can I begin to communicate how important this is to me and my mission.

I received a letter from a Reverend John Dunnack who wished for a clarification of the entire letter. I have enclosed my response to him with this letter. I am sending it to you and Patricia Miller because I feel that I may not have expressed myself as well as I could or should have to either one of you.

I will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have in regard to any issue over which you may be concerned.

Very truly yours,

Lee Gosset

Dear John,(Dunnack)

Thank you for your response. I had to smile when I read your remarks, for I have read so many disparaging comments concerning the writing of the Book of Revelation.

This letter (Epistemic Confirmation) was originally drafted as a philosophical treatise, as opposed to one of any religious orientation.

In fact, I did not begin to read the Bible until I had completed this writing. (The few references within the text are merely that...incidental occurrences..)

It is as though I have entered the Church (reality) though the back door under cover of darkness. I did not go through the gate, but rather over (or under) the fence.

I perfectly understand the nature of the inspiration that the writers of the Bible are endowed with. It is as clear as day. Yet I fully realize that, owing to human nature, the world is overwhelmed with deceit and fraud, and I and my message will probably be discounted. That is not my concern.

I have written about everything that was revealed to me. I have added nothing which I did not know, nor have I detracted from anything that I have not seen.

They are only my words; not my ideas.

Everything I have stated, in effect, leads me to conclude (to know) that this person, Jesus, is the one he claims to be. I do not base my conclusion on any manner of healings, miracles, or resurrections. All of these have no bearing on my findings.

If I can be of further assistance, I will be glad to answer or discuss anything that you might wish to address.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for writing.

Lee Gosset

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