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Million Mom March by Clayton D. Harriger

Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2000 10:03 PM
Subject: Million Mom March


I am a strong supporter of the Million Mom March, and I believe in their efforts to educate and persuade our Congress to protect the people of this country. I am a Mom, are you? What gives you the right to speak for Moms? Over 96,000 people, including children, die or are harmed each year by people who use guns. It may be the only unregulated device in our U.S. that does not come under safety regulations. At the very least, guns should have a safety lock to protect the innocent. And I believe we do need stricter gun laws - such as background checks. Do you know that if John Hinckley gets some type of parole or leave that he can immediately go to any flea market and purchase any kind of weapon from an assault weapon to a semi-automatic machine gun? No questions asked. If you are a Pastor and you care about people, how in the world can you be against sensible gun laws or against Mothers who care enough to try to help children and all people in this country from further harm by these guns?

Diana Waldrop

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