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Million Mom March

by Clayton D. Harriger

It appears that those in the news media business are really going to pull out the stops in publicizing the Million Mom March scheduled for Mother's Day in Washington DC. The purpose of the march has been described as doing an education thing about the dangers guns pose for children along with attempting to press for legislation which will add more laws to the myriad of laws already on the books related to purchase and possession of firearms.

Those who have organized and appeal for support claim to be concerned about the loss of life and injuries due to firearms violence. That prompts a question or two as to how far this concern extends. Do these persons have an identical concern in protesting the violence that destroys at least 3,700 or more unborn children on an average day in these "civilized" United States? At this point in time have they taken any action to protest this type of violence which the major media institutions deliberately choose to ignore? Have they ever taken time to view the carnage in graphic detail? There is no want to graphic descriptions of gun violence which often becomes something akin to a shark feeding frenzy by reporters in the media culture, but graphic details of an unborn child's demise via abortion procedures are never mentioned much less shown! Why?

Second, will those in the upcoming demonstration do a bit of protesting about the TV and movie industries' saturated programming which often features gun violence? Sit through an evening of TV "entertainment" or go to a movie and see how many guns are used, and count the shots that are fired. Then count the bullet holes in the victims and how many pints of blood have run all over the place! After that, ask yourself a tough question - "Could this stuff have any influence on people of any age, such as conditioning them to resort to violent acts if they are provoked in some way?"

It is more than a bit nauseating that well known names in the TV and movie industries have jumped on Bill "Ban the Gun" Clinton's band wagon in recent years and a number of these will certainly give loud vocal support to the Million Mom March. However, is it not a bit strange that these persons are willing to accept large salaries and promote "gun control" while being part of a corporate structure that feeds the American public with a diet of entertainment in which guns used violently are a distinctive and prominent part of that "entertainment?"

When was the last time you saw the "unbiased" media folks report yearly statistics on total deaths due to firearms stacked up along side the total violent deaths of unborn children by means of what some dismiss as merely a "medical procedure?" All this does prove one thing - that hypocrisy is alive and well in today's culture!

Still contending (John 15:16; Jeremiah 15:17; Jude 3,4)
Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor
Gipsy Christian Church, Gipsy PA
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