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Statutory Relief

by Chuck Cooley

Biblical injunctions against sodomy were given by folks who saw it as a curse stemming from disobedience to God. They thought men ought to act like men and accept their masculinity; women ought to glory in their femininity. As for any who became depraved, a way was given that could restore them to the good graces of society: confession and contrition by the sinner and forgiveness or absolution by the community.

But today, a group is holding out for a different process: ecclesiastical fiat or statutory relief, hoping the church will see the error of its ways and declare sodomy no longer sinful. They seem to be getting what they want. Major denominations are on the threshold of declassifying sodomy as sin, apparently unaware of the part sodomy played in the death of earlier civilizations.

Countless young persons are encouraged to give it a try because of a "maybe that's the way you are" attitude, thus adding to the numbers of humans who settle for less than they truly could be: strong and chaste, with always the potential of entering into a husband and wife team-ship. They cheat themselves, and cheat those with whom they have carnal relations. It may be a blessing that few of these "newly liberated" will have any progeny.

Thousands have already dealt with a scourge of abnormal health problems, and contributed to the ill health of other thousands. But many, who thought themselves "different," discover they were merely impatient, and are now going through the agony of withdrawal with help from Exodus or Homosexuals Anonymous, because they want something better than ersatz gratification.

The freedom to do what we want to do, whenever we want to do it. may be the "new revised standard" way. But like miscalculations of the past it can only bring pain and humility to society.

Warm blessings to each of you,


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