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"Hello Houston, we have a problem" by Col Bob Pappas, USMC, Ret

"Hello Houston, we have a problem"

No matter where one turns, one finds homosexual activists or apologists busy attempting to persuade us that homosexual conduct is a normal healthy lifestyle. Their efforts are not fruitless, but nothing could be further from the truth. If one gives little more than casual thought to homosexual behavior it is disgusting at best and more likely revolting; and that's the sugar coated version. For openers, homosexual conduct is inherently perverse. This writer earlier wrote, "Homosexual Christian is an Oxymoron," and stands by it. But the recent "media frenzy" over Catholic priests' homosexual pedophilia prompts a revisit of the issue.

When one perverts something the thing is distorted, misinterpreted, twisted, garbled, changed, misrepresented or altered according to one thesaurus. Therefore, when parties engage in homosexual conduct those persons involved pervert the natural use of the sexual function from its procreative purpose between a man and wife or wife and husband, take your politically correct pick, to a distorted purpose, generally the orgasmic pleasure of those involved. The bottom line is that their perverted purpose is to engage in sexual activity without the procreative consequences of that activity. The problem they present is amplified when homosexual pedophiles use children to satisfy their perverted sexual predilections. They would serve themselves and society better by private masturbation.

In the opinion of this writer, the Catholic Church has a major legal, but more importantly, it has a profound spiritual problem on its hands. To be certain, the problem is not confined to Catholics, homosexual perversion, including pedophilia is pervasive, despite the fact that their purveyors attempt to separate the two. Homosexual practitioners have a saying, "we're everywhere" and it is patently evident. Does that make their conduct right? Hardly. As a legal issue, sexual perversion among consenting adults may well be within their civil rights, but it is neither spiritually, morally, nor legally healthy for the Church to ignore the problem and settle lawsuits to avoid negative publicity. There is an eternal issue at stake and that issue will be settled at the Judgment, which so called Christian liberals don't like to think about much less acknowledge, and which conservatives ignore to their eternal peril.

The Christian Church, Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Mormons and others have an eternal responsibility to their respective institutions and to the cause of Christ that is only absolved by confessing their sin of failure to adequately address the issue and take definitive corrective action. Christ said, "go and sin no more." That should be the guiding premise, and nothing less can or will suffice in the eternal scheme of things.

Priests or ministers who engage in homosexual or for that matter illicit heterosexual behavior should be removed and summarily dismissed from ministry; no legal mumbo jumbo, rather, "you did it, you're gone." Does that mean that as sinners they cannot repent? Of course they can repent and when they do Christ has promised them forgiveness. We humans want them to subsequently undergo a regime of therapy before we embrace them in the spirit of that forgiveness; "jail house" conversions don't count. Thereafter, should they be put into a position of spiritual leadership? Perhaps so at some point, as their spiritual maturity indicates. But, penitence alone should not mitigate the legal consequences of their behavior, and it is this writer's opinion that law suits that settle cases for millions of dollars are wrong. Rather, those offending priests and ministers concerned should face criminal charges just as any other homosexual or heterosexual predator.

Sexual perverts, homosexual or otherwise, who choose the Christian ministry, whether as a priest, minister or elder and therein work their perverted behavior, especially when it is foisted upon children, are among the worst sexual offenders and should be treated accordingly. It's time for the Church to have what some people might choose to call a "wakeup," a "come to Jesus meeting," or others, a "Revival;" but for purposes of this essay, the writer chooses to call it getting a severe case of HITRAP! Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Responsibility Accountability and People!

Semper Fidelis

Copyright June 2002, by Robert L. Pappas. With proper attribution, this essay may be quoted and redistributed.


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