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Sharing God's Peace and Love in a Time of Trouble

by Abby Dunn

I love volunteering with the American Red Cross on national disasters. I've worked many disasters and want God to use me to touch other lives as only He can do. People need joy and hope, and this can only come from God.

I worked with the Red Cross in New York City with the September 11th World Trade Center tragedy. My clients were ones who were hospitalized or had lost loved ones in the Towers.

The husband of one of my clients died in one of the Towers. Besides losing her husband, she and the rest of her family had to move to a hotel because their apartment was near the Towers and was greatly affected by the flying debris and the smell in the air. I first met her in her apartment near Ground Zero. I knew that I could do nothing on my own and that I had no idea what to say to her. So, I let go, and let God do the work. I held her hands in mine and said three Very powerful words from my heart, "I'm so sorry." As we sat hand in hand, I felt the power and love of God flowing from me into this precious young woman. The walls of her apartment were covered with pictures of her, her husband, and their child. The Holy Spirit truly is the Comforter. He knows the words to say and when to say them.

Another client was standing at the bus stop when he saw the first plane hit Tower One. He ran back to his apartment, which was across the street. .From his bedroom window on the 34th floor, he watched in horror as the second plane hit Tower Two. He saw people jumping out of the building, i and then both buildings collapsed to the ground right before his eyes. After he left his building, he was knocked down by the debris and hospitalized over night. A hotel became his home for over two months.

Two other clients were a husband and wife who were elevator operators in separate Towers. Both elevators crashed, but thanks to God, their lives were spared. He worked in Tower One and suffered a badly broken leg. Once at the hospital, he saw the rest of the horrible news. He just knew that his wife was dead. She survived after a fireball hit her, severely burning her face and hands. She was rushed to another hospital and for three days, had no idea where she was, who she was, or even what had happened to her. Finally, her mother's telephone number came to her. When she called her mother, she found out that her husband was also alive. The words sent to her by her husband were, "Tell her, I don't care how badly she is burned. Tell her, I love her."

These are but a few of the many clients that I helped in New York City. I don't have a counseling degree with which to counsel people. Better than that, we all have the Great Counselor, and He helps the heart every time. He brings peace, joy, and hope all the time...and God does get the glory.


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